I Changed My Ob Gyn Mid-Pregnancy – by Maria-Amelia B.

Story from Maria-Amelia B.

Ob Gyn is a vital person during every pregnancy. It’s that person who absolutely has the knowledge authority to confirm or deny info, to bring clarity on a lot of pregnancy related stuff. It’s that one person whose advice really matters because they know what they’re talking about… it’s that one person that will be there for you throughout your pregnancy, during birth, and postpartum.

It is absolutely crucial that you’re on the same page with them, because pregnancy is already a challenge in itself. You don’t need a separate challenge of having a… let’s put it lightly: incompatible Ob Gyn.

I started going to my first Ob Gyn when I was around 14. I got pregnant when I was 28. During that time there were plus minus one-two visits per year to this Ob Gyn.

I was never crazy about her… ever… bBut she was my mom’s Ob Gyn, and the power of the habit was more than enough to keep me going.

When I got pregnant it was right before the COVID-19 outburst, so everything was changing and the restrictions were starting to happen.

I was really enthusiastic about being pregnant. As soon as the home test came positive I booked an appointment with her.

All went well, but because the pregnancy was not advanced enough she couldn’t confirm much, except the relative date of the pregnancy.

So I had to book yet another appointment. Before the scheduled date I received a phone call from their clinic telling me that due to COVID they will be temporarily closed, but as soon as they reopen they’d call me for a reschedule.

It didn’t sit right with me, but there was nothing I could do… Then they reopened and never called back, so I did! And instead of getting scheduled for an immediate date or receiving any form of “Hey, we’re sorry, somehow we forgot to call you like we said we would,” there was nothing.

This really stretched the limit. Throughout my whole pregnancy, I had two symptoms: incredible fatigue and a constant need to use the toilet.

The time for the second appointment finally came. It was already later than it should have been… I went there at the specified time and had to wait for one full hour with a full bladder before I entered. You need a somewhat full bladder for the scan.

Now if you’re pregnant, and chances are that if you’re reading this you are, you totally know how uncomfortable it is to wait on a waiting chair for a full hour… Needless to say that it was waiting for an appointment that was supposed to happen a few weeks before.

This was really pushing it, but what really made me decide that it’s time to search for a different doctor was what happened during the consultation.

Besides the fact that she only had a really small screen, just for herself to see what’s in my belly, after concluding the consultation she recommended additional investigation. What pissed me off beyond limits is how she worded her recommendation for a doctor that was in a different city. I don’t remember how she phrased it exactly, but the implied meaning was that she’s sending me to a doctor in a different city because there’s no other doctor that’s better than her in the city.

I mean, come on…

It’s this specific arrogance that makes her feel entitled to leave her patients, mostly pregnant women, waiting for so long…

I said OK, and never booked another appointment with her.

Instead I asked Google and I found an Ob Gyn with great reviews.

I soon booked with him and oh my…

That’s when I fully understood the extent to which the first doctor was just not right for me.

From the waiting room, waiting time, price transparency, dialogue, attitude, the no rush and really relaxed consultation… The big screen the doctor had to be able to comfortably see every detail, the big screen above the mom bed so I could also see– absolutely everything was different!

I must say that I was a bit scared of changing my Ob Gyn mid pregnancy, but I have absolutely zero regret that I did so… It was the best decision! And if you have any doubts or feel in any way mistreated by your Ob Gyn, by all means, do not hesitate in seeking another one. You might not be as lucky as I was to hit the jackpot from the first try, but change as many until you are really comfortable with them and with how they provide their services! It’s really worth it!

Because of COVID, none of my close humans were allowed in the hospital with me, so my new Ob Gyn was the only friendly figure during birth– but that’s a story for another time.

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