Love at First Kick

I remember how scared I was the first time I learned I was pregnant.

Being young and new to dating, this was unbelievable. It took me a while to accept that. After sharing the news with my partner, it got worse and that’s how I decided to turn to my parents. Mum accepted the news but Daddy felt like I had failed in life. It broke my heart since I always wanted Daddy’s approval but it had already happened. The first month I had crazy thoughts, but at the same time cautious enough. I didn’t want to regret it later.

Three months down and I started noticing changes in my body. Growing up, I was very skinny, but this time my body was huge and my clothes weren’t fitting anymore. I started to experience heartburn and unexplained nausea. I think I also became weak; I experienced fatigue every single morning. At this point, I had accepted that in a few months I’d be a mother. My first trimester went on smoothly with no complications.

The second trimester was so easy for me. There was no more fatigue or nausea. I became happy again; In fact, you wouldn’t have noticed I was pregnant, were it not for the baby bump. When I felt the baby’s first kick I was so proud of myself. I knew it was becoming a reality. After a while, I went for the ultrasound and got to know the child’s gender. It was all joy for me, as that was what I had expected. I started pushing for a baby’s name, my boyfriend was against this but I knew what I wanted (he didn’t know I had already chosen the baby’s name when I was still young, don’t tell him). He kept saying we should wait for it to be born.

During the second trimester, I had a lot of cravings. I ate a lot of fast food despite the doctor’s advice not to. Other things I ate in plenty were chocolates and I had this weird craving for soil. I’d literally go to the home garden and start digging. This was weird for me. I didn’t share it with the doctor.

The third trimester was here and things went south. My body was puffy, my stomach was heavy and I wanted to deliver already. I moved from the upstairs bedroom because I couldn’t handle that anymore. I became lazy and tired every time. I used to call the doctor and tell her to end this already. She was very understanding though. I experienced a lot of mood swings at this stage, I became rude and arrogant and would stay alone most of the time reading Mommy’s book. I forgot all the pain points during pregnancy when I finally delivered. It was a relief but an experience I’ll live to narrate. First-time pregnancy is an eye-opener!

When and where will the 8 Billionth person be born?