Mom, I’m fine. Don’t worry – by Anchal

Story from Anchal

This is a story which is very close to my heart and only my close family members know about it because it’s scary and also very heartwarming.

As soon-to-be moms, we always take care of ourselves too much during our pregnancy and every small mistake makes us sad. We pray for our baby to be healthy and then pray for a safe delivery. I was in my 7th month and almost had a big bump. One afternoon I went for a shower and decided to wash my hair too. I reached down to pick up my shampoo and must have had low blood pressure which made me to feel dizzy. I fell down on the wet floor while my bump brushed against the stool lying close to the shower area. It took me two minutes to understand what happened, and then I started crying in the shower because I felt that I had hurt my baby. The impact wasn’t that strong, but a fall is a fall. And while I was crying and thinking about my next course of action — call my doctor or book an ultrasound — my baby kicked me hard, and then a few more tumbles in my womb and that moment felt so surreal that I almost felt that it was Godsent. Those movements gave me so much reassurance, and after speaking to my doctor, I learnt there wasn’t any need to go see her. Everything was fine.

I would have gone through so much stress trying to find out if everything was okay, but the little thing inside told me, “mom I’m fine, don’t worry.” I still remember how I hugged my tummy and kept crying sitting on the floor, thanking God for everything.

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