The Luckiest Birthday – by Lia Live

Story from Lia Live

My pregnancy experience was a pleasant one for the most part. I conceived in January 2005. It was shocking but also exciting. I wanted a kid but I didn’t think I would have one so soon, so I was shocked when I first found out. But now, I feel that it is the best New Year’s gift I got in my entire life.

What followed was one of the happiest years of my life. I had some new experiences. My family and friends were really excited.

My first trimester was pretty good except for morning sickness and frequent bathroom trips, which were annoying, and I was worried of a miscarriage. I heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. It was amazing.

Second trimester was crazier. I was born underweight and was a naturally skinny person, so I saw a new me when the baby bump started growing. We found that it was a baby girl which was really exciting, but for some reason before I found out that it was a girl I had a gut feeling that I was having a boy and I believed that it was a boy. The baby started kicking, and the constant back pain and just existing made me tired. I craved sweets and chicken nuggets so much. I felt so delicate that I thought even sneezing a little too hard would hurt the baby.

In the third trimester, we had a baby shower; it was amazing because I got to see everyone being happy and celebrating. We also named the baby using this funny game which we saw in a cartoon. Here, everyone writes a name on a piece of paper and makes a paper plane and flies it. The name which is written on the plane that flies the longest and falls last is the chosen name. My sister’s plane won and the chosen name was ‘Alia’. I read a lot of articles and was really scared of labor because it is painful but I prepared myself mentally for this. I was ready to get this over with and see my baby girl. My doctor said I was due on September 19th but I went into labor on September 24th which is crazy because it was on my birthday.

It was more painful than I thought, I had a third-degree tear because it was a natural delivery. But now we have three people (me, my sister, and daughter) in our family that celebrate their birthday on September 24th. I still find that so cool.

When and where will the 8 Billionth person be born?