The Magic of Maternal Massages by Chi

Story from Chi

After I was informed by my doctor that my baby was breech, from my 35th week till the end of my pregnancy I saw a masseuse that specializes in massaging pregnant women only. I usually met her once a week on Mondays. When I had the time and the energy I would go see her a second time, usually on Saturdays.

I met my masseuse through a friend of my family. She told me about how the lady massaged her during all her pregnancies, and she had four children– so that’s a lot. The lady didn’t just massage my friend during her pregnancies; she was also the one that delivered all my friend’s babies. But I didn’t want to go that far.

In retrospect, I didn’t think I had much of a choice back then because I needed my baby to assume a cephalic position. So I decided to pay the lady a visit, and that was a decision I did not end up regretting.

The first time I walked into her office, I was scared because I was trusting the life of my baby in the hands of someone I didn’t know. But my fear didn’t really last long, because I saw a lot of pregnant ladies like myself being treated by her and they all sang her praises just like my friend, that made me feel a whole lot better. I won’t lie, the massage was painful, I couldn’t sleep at all after my first night. I got used to it with time, and frankly, it didn’t hurt as much anymore.

The changes I felt from the massage were noticeable only on the inside. It might have been my imagination, but I felt like it made my baby a lot more active, he kicked and moved a lot, much more than he did before. Deep down I think part of the reason I had an extremely smooth delivery was because of the massage because it was the only thing I did differently from my previous pregnancies. My friend that introduced me to the lady seemed to think so too, and it didn’t hurt that the massage made me feel much different than I did before. I felt stronger.

I’m not really a professional doctor, but If your doctor is ok with it and gives you the go-ahead, I’ll advise a lot of pregnant ladies out there to see a specialist just like I did. It made a huge difference for me during my pregnancy and I believe it’ll make a huge difference too in the lives of other women.

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