Worth Every Teardrop

I believe no two pregnancy stories are the same. For me, being pregnant at 18 wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.

The first three months were what I usually refer to as the worst part of my pregnancy journey.

Most people usually have morning sickness, which wears off as morning slowly becomes noon. For some reason which I still do not know, I was never able to shake off the morning sickness all day long for three months.

I also had this weird taste in my mouth that wouldn’t go away no matter what I did.

I had zero appetite and was steadily losing weight. I realized later on that the only thing I ate without throwing up were doughnuts. I ate different types of doughnuts and luckily the café down the road helped!

I spent my time sleeping or battling constant mood swings. I had days that I would cry without a reason and just be miserable until something takes my mind off it.

As time went on I progressed to the second trimester and things seemed to Brighten up, my appetite didn’t just come back, it doubled! I ate everything I could get my hands on.

The day I decided on a name for my baby, I was alone in my room being sad over nothing in particular when I remembered my mum. She was helpless when my dad sent me out of the home. And throughout my pregnancy, she kept helping with cash and things I needed while being pregnant.

So I decided to name my child after my mom (Samantha) regardless of if the child turned out to be a boy.

My pregnancy journey got easier as it approached the end: although my antenatal appointments became more frequent, it finally felt like I had something to look forward to. For someone with no purpose and hope in life, my baby was it for me.

I had to deal with back pains and swollen feet but it didn’t compare to what I went through in the first trimester.

When the time came, I had my baby through CS because he was too big and wasn’t well placed. It didn’t matter to me how he came out because I was honestly tired and I wanted my body back.

The moment I set my eyes on my baby, every moment was worth it. Every pain, every struggle, every teardrop, everything was worth the wait.

P.S I can’t promise I didn’t name my child Samantha but honestly, Samantha is a great boy name!

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